We have a rich and constantly updated instrumentation that allows us to carry out monitoring and checks on all environmental matrices.

The company has many years of experience in the field of environmental control and in the assessment of environmental impacts (EIA). Dionea has also designed and directed numerous remediation interventions of polluted sites.

The activities carried out are:
-Environmental impact assessments (RIA planners and second phase RIAs) according to OEIA
-Design of investigations and remediation of polluted sites pursuant to the OSiti
-Environmental monitoring (water, aria, noise, soil, excavated materials)
-Expertise on noise and vibrations, phonic remediation
-Material management plans in accordance with the Ordinance on the prevention and disposal of waste (OPSR)
-Soil management plans in accordance with the Ordinance against Soil Deterioration (Oground)
-Simulation of the propagation of atmospheric pollutants
-Radon appraisals in homes and workplaces, with active and passive dosimetry (Radon consultants recognized by the DSS and the FOPH)