About us

Dionea S.A. is a company active in the fields of applied ecology and territorial management in Switzerland and abroad. The company was founded in 1988 by engineers Giacomo Gianola, Gabriele Carraro and Pippo Gianoni. In addition to the three joint holders, to meet the growing needs, the team has expanded over the years and currently employs a dozen employees.
During the thirty years since the company’s foundation, Dionea has always looked towards new solutions for emerging environmental and territorial problems from both local scale to national and international scale, constantly adapting technical and professional resources.
Thanks to the many scientific and professional relationships consolidated during the execution of over 1000 projects, Dionea is capable of providing solutions for complex territorial and environmental problems.
Since January 2011 the Dionea complies with ISO standard 9001:2008 (certificate n.22663) related to the design, planning and management of projects in both forest, rural and urban settings, development of geographic information systems, consulting and research in environmental and planning fields.

Il Team




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