Planning and territory

Over the years, Dionea SA has gained a lot of experience in the field of territorial planning by participating in numerous projects, both in Switzerland and abroad.

The peculiarity and strength of Dionea lies in the interdisciplinary approach to the issue, which allows it to act on several areas, both at the regional scale and at the local and detail scale.

In particular Dionea deals with:
-regional and supra-municipal planning, elaboration of sectoral documents, and the drafting of supra-municipal regulatory plans;
-municipal planning, with the drafting of entire regulatory plans, or only part of them, o the preparation of specific studies to support planning (it is. naturalistic content plans, environmental impact assessment at planning level according to OEIA);
-local and detailed planning, with the drafting of detailed plans or district plans.
-sector specific planning, for particular areas such as lake shores, mining activities or the development of networks and services.