Dionea SA is a company active in Switzerland and abroad in the environmental sector.

Its strengths are continuous innovation and creativity that allow it to provide quality solutions for complex and constantly evolving territorial and environmental problems..
The company was founded in 1988, by the engineers Giacomo Gianola, Pippo Gianoni and Gabriele Carraro. In addition to the three joint owners, to meet the growing needs, the team has grown over the years and currently employs a dozen staff.

In the beyond 30 years of activity, Dionea performed beyond 1000 assignments, both in the public and private sectors, establishing numerous professional and scientific relationships with Swiss and foreign institutions. The experience gained in this way has allowed it to become one of the most experienced companies in the sector in the Canton of Ticino.
From January 2011 Dionea conforms to the norm ISO 9001:2008 (certificate n. 22663) for the design fields of activity, forestry planning and management of works, rural and urban, in the development of territorial information systems, and in environmental and territorial consultancy and research.


ing. Giacomo Gianola

Environment, territory planning gianola@dionea.ch

dipl.geogr. Stefano Castelli

Environment, planning and territory, nature and landscape, Geoinformazione (GIS)

ing. Pippo Gianoni

Planning and territory, nature and landscape, forest

ing. Gabriele Carraro

Nature and landscape, forest


geol. Giacomo Ghielmi

Environment, Geoinformazione (GIS)

ing. Christian Bürer


ing. Flavia Spinelli


arch. Roberta Bello

Planning and territory, Geoinformazione (GIS)

dipl.geogr. Stefano Croci

Planning and territory

drUniTo Omar Tuccio


ing. For. Sup Adrian Oncelli


Geom. Luca Bergamin

Data management

Anette Fietz

Geoinformazione (GIS)


Jessica Kuster


Organization chart



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